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Our Annual Maintenance Contract secures your IT infrastructure with minimal downtime.

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TruTech helps you create and maintain a very efficient, stable, and scalable IT organization.

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full on-demand network cabling – from designing to deployment and implementation.

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We manage and maintain all your surveillance solutions and equipment in top condition.   

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We offer a full suite of cloud data management solutions geared for your business needs.    

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A full suite of cloud data management solutions geared towards managing data securely.

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Dedicated hosting to secure and support the most complex applications with consistency.

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Our Services include designing and monitoring your website and managing Social Media. 

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We deliver all your IT services you need so that you can focus your efforts on spurring your revenues and growth

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    Responsibly Managed WiFi

    For fast, reliable, and secure wireless network

    TruTech’s managed IT services make it simple and convenient for businesses and companies in the UAE to access the best WiFi services without the need for in-house WiFi specialists. We help you choose the right hardware to meet the needs of your entire team and the business requirements. Our experts design and engineer the enterprise WiFi to provide a fast and reliable user experience.

    TruTech’s expertise gives you access to cloud-based tools and resources for managing your office WiFi networking including network monitoring, guest WiFi management, and health reports of the network. Our support is linked to our helpdesk and you have ongoing support on a reliable 24/7 basis. Our services are oriented to ensure that even a few moments of downtime do not happen as always-on internet is vital to the health of your business.

    TruTech’s Managed WiFi provides an excellent and highly-cost effective outsourcing option. We are now the preferred service provider for large housing complexes, businesses with local area networks, and also for public hotspots. We ensure that you do not have to deal with cumbersome wires, routers, or cables while enjoying uninterrupted internet connectivity. 

    Our Services:

    • Office WiFi Solutions
    • Home WiFi Solutions
    • Outdoor WiFi Solutions
    • BYOD Solutions
    • Guest WiFi Solutions


    We look into all aspects – your industry segment, your coverage needs, the devices suitable for your specific task, and the software applications that are supported.

    WiFi Design

    We take care of aspects like user registration, data protection, cloud-based management software, to ensure smooth functioning.


    We do our best to minimize the impact of downtime during network upgrades. We seek to deploy infrastructure that meets your current and future needs.


    We continually monitor your WiFi network so that all components are working perfectly as intended. The occasional software fixes and updates are carried out.

    So, get your high-performance network installed and running with the services of TruTech at your office or business in the UAE. We help you achieve superb availability and the required scalability to match your business needs.

    What We Do?

    We enable businesses in UAE to deploy, maintain and protect their IT infrastructure, resolve unexpected problems that could arise, increase operational efficiency and ensure business continuity.

    Whom do we help?

    Over the years, we have developed deep insights into tech environments in industries that are most prevalent in the Middle East countries, with an understanding of their tech requirements..

    Why Choose Us?

    We have a deep understanding of the problems that can crop up and work towards preventing future ones from happening. We’re familiar with IT issues found across industries in the region we serve.   

    Would you like to start a project with us?

    We never force our clients to buy, rather we do consulting and thereby recommend our clients to invest in what suites them the most with the least investment possible.