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As one of the best managed IT service providers in the UAE, Trutech Information Technologies L.L.C, delivers a wide array of IT services. We deliver what you need when you need it most because we understand perfectly – there isn’t time to waste. With the help of our managed IT Services, companies in the UAE are empowered to operating without worries about their IT infrastructure and requirements. Our specialist IT Support Team is trained to meet any contingency in product or services relevant to your industry. It is our task to ensure that your IT infrastructure and tech stack operates smoothly and efficiently.

We deliver all your IT services you need so that you can focus your efforts on spurring your revenues and growth. We manage the day-to-day maintenance of your devices, network, and cybersecurity. We drive digital transformation, helping you reduce long-term IT costs with well designed IT strategy. We help keep your data secure, monitored and offer disaster recovery services. We help reduce your CapEx and assist your team with cloud support and management. We help keep your data safe with the best security software. We assist you to acquire the best technology solutions and equipment based on your budgets and business strategy – sourcing, negotiating, and implementing them.

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    Now get peace of mind

    Our experienced team supports your IT professionals.

    Never Lose Opportunities

    No more downtime that leads to missed opportunities.

    Increased Billable Hours

    Our reliable Managed IT support means more uptime.

    Perfect Budgeting

    Our plans work for you with the most convenient rates.

    Helpdesk and On-site

    Our managed quality helpdesk resolves issues faster.

    The wide array of services offered by TruTech assist your business to perform operations cost-effectively with increased uptime and lowest downtime, minimize overheads and accentuate your core strengths.

    What We Do?

    We enable businesses in UAE to deploy, maintain and protect their IT infrastructure, resolve unexpected problems that could arise, increase operational efficiency and ensure business continuity.

    Whom do we help?

    Over the years, we have developed deep insights into tech environments in industries that are most prevalent in the Middle East countries, with an understanding of their tech requirements..

    Why Choose Us?

    We have a deep understanding of the problems that can crop up and work towards preventing future ones from happening. We’re familiar with IT issues found across industries in the region we serve.   

    Would you like to start a project with us?

    We never force our clients to buy, rather we do consulting and thereby recommend our clients to invest in what suites them the most with the least investment possible.