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If there is something that no business can truly afford to ignore is data backup. It means safeguarding critical business data, reducing or minimizing the possibility of data loss, and preventing disasters from happening. The Managed Data Backup Services offered by TruTech helps to minimize the risk of lost information due to human error, accident, or corruption of software/hardware failure.

When our services are in place, your risk is reduced and it means the prevention of loss of revenues due to the need for rework of critical information. Protecting your business data is of vital importance in critical businesses where you rely on information, technology and research gathered over the years that give you the critical edge over your competitors.

Trutech Managed Data Backup Services is suitable for all types of businesses and organizations – small and medium-sized organizations to very large ones. Our cloud-based backup services are the best solutions for our businesses and ensure continuity. When information security is vital and critical to your business, we are at hand to be part of your team and serve you best.

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    The Benefits:

    • Recovery of files when data is lost.
    • More storage devices and facilities to keep copies of data and files.
    • Scheduled backups of information.
    • Archiving of files – freeing up space for current work.
    • Low maintenance technology, less need for intervention.
    • Fits your existing infrastructure

    Trutech’s professional backup solutions with redundancy, monitoring, support, and recovery processes protect your data with simple, powerful, and automatic backups.

    Start protecting your data. And ultimately your business!
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    What We Do?

    We enable businesses in UAE to deploy, maintain and protect their IT infrastructure, resolve unexpected problems that could arise, increase operational efficiency and ensure business continuity.

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    Over the years, we have developed deep insights into tech environments in industries that are most prevalent in the Middle East countries, with an understanding of their tech requirements..

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    We have a deep understanding of the problems that can crop up and work towards preventing future ones from happening. We’re familiar with IT issues found across industries in the region we serve.   

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