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The enterprises operate in an extremely competitive environment today where every sensitive and specific operation is critical to your success. In this environment, the Annual Maintenance Contract offered by TruTech under the umbrella of IT Managed Services is the most advantageous IT strategy. It can help you reduce costs, ensure operational competence at all times, enable optimal utilization of your resources and keep your operating margins low. Your regular servicing, mundane IT repairs, and software updates through TruTech allow you to enhance efficiencies, reduce costs, and better your operations.

15 Years’ Experience Providing AMC IT Support

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15 Years’ Experience Providing AMC IT Support

55% Reduction in IT Issues in just 4 months

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    Trutech AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

    TruTech AMC encompasses comprehensive IT Hardware support, Support for Servers, Storage, and Networking Devices. We meet the stringent requirements of sophisticated business needs, very cost-effectively. We ensure maximum uptime through the quick resolution of issues arising out of breakdowns. Our preventive maintenance ensures that issues do not happen or recur when uptime is of prime importance.

    Our superior technical expertise, coordination, and support along with quick access to the right spare parts enable us to offer maximum uptime. Our locational advantage in the UAE gives us faster access to your facility. Our emphasis is on ensuring higher availability of your IT infrastructure for our business continuity. 

    The TruTech AMC covers your needs perfectly with several Flexible AMC Plans. We offer All-inclusive Fixed Monthly Fee Contracts with approved Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators. Our specialist Designated Engineer, 24/7 availability, and Account Manager with regular reporting gives you peace of mind.

    Experience and Expertise Makes the Difference

    • Server, Computers (Win/Mac), Network, Firewall, Backups, Printers, Telecom devices, WiFi, Access Control. We got it all covered for you.
    • Monthly Preventive Maintenance for all listed devices.
    • Update the machines with relevant windows and antivirus updates available on the internet.
    • Locate and delete malicious spyware, IF ANY.
    • Deep cleaning of Temp files, Temp internet files, cookies, startup items, recycle bin.
    • Fight viruses with alternative means if necessary.
    • Check event viewer for any errors.
    • Check network functions.
    • Check Backup systems and network functions.
    • Monitoring and managing servers and services.
    • Unlimited Calls – 24/7
    • Re-installation or configuration of devices if required.

    TruTech AMC is designed for customer reliance and satisfaction. Our investments in personnel and processes help us achieve long and mutually rewarding relationships with our customers. This is why TruTech AMC is one of the most preferred AMC services in the UAE today.

    What We Do?

    We enable businesses in UAE to deploy, maintain and protect their IT infrastructure, resolve unexpected problems that could arise, increase operational efficiency and ensure business continuity.

    Whom do we help?

    Over the years, we have developed deep insights into tech environments in industries that are most prevalent in the Middle East countries, with an understanding of their tech requirements..

    Why Choose Us?

    We have a deep understanding of the problems that can crop up and work towards preventing future ones from happening. We’re familiar with IT issues found across industries in the region we serve.   

    Would you like to start a project with us?

    We never force our clients to buy, rather we do consulting and thereby recommend our clients to invest in what suites them the most with the least investment possible.